About us

Our love affair with bicycles began in the 1960's, while riding the scenic roads of Northern California.  Over the years, we've cycle toured all over the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  We call Santa Rosa, California our home.

Geoffrey Smith, shop co-owner with his wife Camille Armstrong, managed the campus bike shop at UCSD in the 1970's. His love affair with bicycle retail has haunted him for the ensuing decades, which led to the founding of BikePatners.net in 2010.  (Geoffrey had a brief 25-year career in software in-between.)

We believe that bicycles should be functional and fun. That's why we sell exclusively bicycles that fold or pack for transport. No more schlepping cardboard shipping boxes across the airport on your cycling adventures!  No more bumper racks or roof racks. Just you and your bike. Anytime, anywhere.

Our shop is situated in the historic Railroad Square commercial district of Santa Rosa, right on the 'SMART' train railway.

Since our first rental customer in 2010, we've put hundreds of butts on bikes, both rentals and purchase. Unique in the cycling industry -- every bike in the shop can be rented, so potential owners can get a real sense of the bike before purchase.

Visit our web site, BikePartners.net, for more information.

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